Relics of Orr Presents: Shongaqu's Ten Tinfoil Hat Theories for Path of Fire!

September 21, 2017 shongaqu

Note: Contains spoilers based on the PvE demo earlier this year.

A fun Game, close this page, write down the 10 you think I'm going to talk about, read this list and keep score, then post your score in the comments. Also let us know what _YOUR _crazy tinfoil hat theories are for Guild Wars 2!

The Choya are baby Sylvari from Malyck’s tree. They have been collecting the remnants of Balthazar’s power and hiding it in the wizard's tower for a grawl cult led by lichified Verata (this is pretty much a direct quote from peter fries’ twitter with no massive jumps in logic by me)

Evidence from Peter Fries own twitter

Adolescent Aurene will be the Living World season 4 mastery mount serving as a glider and having Zephyrite movement skills on the 2-4 skill slots unlocked each episode.

The zephyr sanctum race will be updated to feature players riding Aurene.

Pawala Joko will steal all the refugee children's families but their can do attitude and angelic singing voices will cause his heart will grow three sizes.

Having Joko become an ally kind of fits with the weird vibe that Pawala followers give off. Not sure if they are just mind controlled or if they actually like being his followers.

What Rytlock saw in the mists is a tactical advantage but he doesn't like it and doesn't think it is relevant to current problems.

While Rytlock thought he could beat the ghosts into submission what he found is that the ghosts are successfully holding back a demonic invasion. Destroying them would open up a pathway for the demons to invade Tyria. The number of ghosts that manifest in Tyria are just a small fraction of the ghostly Ascalonian army. Not just living heroes, but all the dead human souls that were sleeping in the earth of Ascalon were raised. Removing Ghosts from Ascalon would mean letting in something less manageable and more dangerous.

Lord Faren is “E”

I have to give this one to the reddit I really like the idea. Though to go deeper I think “E” is actually an early form of the pact made up of Faren, Riel Darkwater, Livia and others. A shadow council that watches over Kryta made up of the descendants of the heroes of Tyria.

The next living world will take us NORTH connecting the crystal desert to Ascalon.

Just because I really want the Elona connected to the old world.

Now comes the Crazy

The rest of the gods are dead because their old family (hereafter referred to as the old pantheon) came to settle the score.

When Balthazar left the old pantheon behind his parting gift was to chop off his father’s head. Tyria became the sixes base of operations where they build of their magical energies.

With the Six gods unable to return to Tyria due to the danger of the dragons, their power began to wane. This was exacerbated by the number of humans that have died in the wars against the Charr and Pawala Joko. While the six are trying to figure out what to do, Dhuum escapes reclaiming his mantle, killing or absorbing Grenth in the process. Dhuum then sells out the five remaining gods to their extended family. The old pantheon comes and kills Dwayna, Kormir and Melandru, During this time Lyssa disappears.. Balthazar seeing that his family is dead, assuming Lyssa fell with the rest, makes a tactical retreat to Tyria.

Balthazar is so weakened from the battle that when he materializes on Tyria he is captured by the white mantle. Hidden away in the Bastion of the Penitent he hatches a plan to regain his power.

Samarog was a soldier in the old pantheon’s army.

Samarog was a soldier of the old pantheon sent to find Balthazar however she too was captured by white mantle. The experiments performed on her drove her mad preventing her from fulfilling his duty of finding Balthazar when Balthazar organizes the prison break.

The raid will be in the realm of fallen gods.

When we defeat Balthazar He will try to retreat to the god realm, but be defeated before he can escape. His attempt to flee will leave open a portal to a blasted remnant of what once was. Players will have to fight the carrion demons that descended on the battlefield after of the old pantheon left, having fulfilled their revenge.

Queen Jennah and Countess Anise are really Lyssa in disguise

In living world season two a Priory Scholar hinted that perhaps not all was at it seemed with the royal line of Tyria. They had a pendant that supposedly showed an image of the true ruler of Kryta and refused to let us see it. If my theory about Balthazar is correct Lyssa fled to Tyria to avoid the wrath of the old pantheon. Now she is in hiding taking the role of benevolent ruler to her people.