Plants vs. Zombies

August 16, 2015 Spirit

Have you ever felt the urge to unleash an undead horde on your enemies alongside dozens of your fellow players? If so, excellent. You're just the person we're looking for.

On August 22nd, at 4:00PM Pacific, we’re looking to cram as many MM necros and zombie-lookin’ characters as we can find into a Silverwastes map in the spirit of sheer ridiculousness and fun. This handy link converts that to any timezone.

We’ll be staying in the same Silverwastes map for a few rounds, we’ll do a bit of event completion, a bit of chest farming, and maybe even attempt the dreaded Silverwastes jumping puzzle.

We’d like to get as many people willing to play minion masters as possible, but if you can’t stand minions or don’t play necro we understand. You could dress up using Halloween costumes, Arah or other undead-themed armor, or tonics, if you’d still like to participate in the spirit of the event, but ultimately anyone is welcome, dressed up or not.

For those that do dress up however, we've also got two costume contests planned. One for the best "Plant" themed costume and one for the best "Zombie" themed costume. Costume contest winners will be able to pick an outfit of their choosing off the gem store, and we have a handful of gold and material prizes for runners up. (I wish I could give you an exact time, but it's likely we'll be doing this when we have some down time for whatever reason).

How to Find Us:

Around the start of the event we’ll find a near empty Silverwastes map, and begin opening taxis labled as "PvZ," grouping up near the [Camp Resolve Waypoint] in Silverwastes. We’ll post running IPs, and keep taxi lines open throughout the event, so no worries if you're joining us later. Don't worry if you're new to the game or new to Silverwastes, our helpful volunteers will be on hand to answer questions guide players to our groups. Volunteer names and Zone IPs will come up a few hours before the event in a reminder post.

What You May Want to Bring:

  • A high level character - Silverwastes is a level 80 zone, so bringing a level 80 character will result in the best experience. If you have an under-80 character, you are absolutely still welcome, but you’ll want to stick close to a party who can lend a hand if you get hurt.
  • Shovels, keys, and other Silverwastes items - For optimal loot acquisition. Don't have any? Don't worry. We'll help you get them, and teach you what they're for.
  • Your preferred boosters and noms.
  • Party stuff! - Fireworks, toys, boxes of fun, whatever you like. No one parties like Guild Wars 2 players.

The Relics of Orr guild will be providing banners, crafting stations for banks, trading posts, food platters, and all manner of goodies for you as well.

Although it would be a lot of fun, we have no plans to use any voice chat at this time. Mostly because we don’t have access to a large server, and I can't justify buying one that size just for one day. If we do find a VOIP server we can use, that information will be made available at the start of the event.

We are planning to stream PvZ live at, so if you can't be with us in-game, you can always check in with us there.

If you're curious what it might be like, you can check out this video and thread from the World vs. Orr, the last event of this size that we hosted.

Questions? Suggestions? Leave your thoughts below or contact us.

In-game: Spiritface.5089 | Twitter: @relicsoforr