• Greibach- Pear and/or Blackberry Cider
  • Spirit - Lemon Lime Soda w/ Rum
  • Celeste - grapes
  • Allona - 2014 Pelee Island Cabernet Sauvignon (I am fancy as shit)

Inventory managment in GW2 be like


Nightmare Fractal & Challenge Mode

Season 5 PvP -

  • New rewards (Black Llama, Glorious Heroes Armor, ascended armor)

  • Implementation of the Solo-Duo Queue only

  • Skyhammer being added to ranked play, Stronghold ousted

  • Rating Decay - You will be able to lose your badges if you are an inactive player

    • Dev comment

    • How do you folks who PvP feel about this? I don’t PvP in GW2, but in OW rank only decays in the top 2 leagues which makes a whole lot of sense to me, and it only does so after a week (I think). This sounds really aggressive, but I also don’t know jack about GW2 PvP

  • Potentially new PvP levels? Eagle eyed viewers spotted a level 83 player in a preview video. Confirmed, and will be applied retroactively.

  • December 13th - February 7th

Zone Impressions:

  • Aesthetic

Wintersday update:

Year in Review:

  • Now that we’re 3 LS chapters in, how do we feel about the content release pace, scope, etc?

    • Being super honest, I thought we were more than 3 chapters into this season, I guess that means that the new zones have really helped to fill in but it’s also a reflection on how long it’s taken to get 3 chapters released.

      • The “4th chapter” was the HoT fixes.

A Wild Squirrel Interjects

  • What piece of content resonated with you the most/least?

  • What do you consider your greatest achievement in/out of game?

  • Were there any events/activities not related to the LS (such as community or guild events) that you remember fondly?

  • What are some of the major changes you think are worth mentioning? (Top 3?)

    • Gliding in Central Tyria (Jan), Raids (I didn’t but it’s a huge feature), Heart of Maguuma rewards revamp, WvW map mixup (alpine and desert mixed!), Fractals (Infusions, fractal hub, new fractal instabilities and instances), Death and Revival of Legendary weapons, New PvP map, Hungry Cats,

GWReporter Sendoff

A Letter From Old Timey Fend:

Vrabin! Spirit! Greibach! Merry Wintersday, you freshly laid griffon eggs! Hail, my frosty friends, it’s  Old Timey Fend.

Anywho, I hope you’re stayin’ warm this time of year because I tell ya, it’s so cold, Old Timey’s winterberries have done frozen over. I was just trying to warm up with some of my famous eggnog flavored rum when that angry norn whippersnapper Bra-Ham barged in and guzzled the whole bottle! I think he wants to be a dentist because he started going on about crackin’ a tooth or some such. After I gave him the boot, I got to thinking:

What do you think the odds of a rude hothead like that getting whacked are? Old Timey’s been hearing of some pretty famous folks takin’ dirt naps lately, though it’s usually after they’ve finished their business in some way. Is failure an option? Or is redemption the only way?