Spoilers Warning: Raid Story Wing 3


  • Out of the Shadows
  • Taimi’s Journals (Go read them!)
  • Notes from Rata Novus - One,Two, Three
  • Taimi has a ley line map like in the HoT story, and magic is going crazy pants bonkers but there might be a discernable pattern, Plant
  • Plant gets trampled by some awful Phlunts, Rata Sum has discovered Rata Novus WINDALL
  • Taimi isn’t sleeping and rambles a lot, there is a LOT of information on Primordus and Kralkatorrik in particular here, either is a possible target, but I think it’s all but confirmed at this point we’ll be going after kralkatorrik just based on how the game has progressed over the last few years

Interview with Queen Jennah


Wooden Potatoes frame-by-frame https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQ0eciDZO-g

  • It’s a time of celebration, a time of mourning
  • We’re looking at White Mantle as the main villains, they are no longer hiding in dangerous places
  • We’re looking at giant floaty chunks of bloodstone??? And a giant explosion, it’s hard to say where this could be, but Taimi says “up north”...so north of Rata Novus is a safe bet
  • Common speculation is Bloodstone Fen
  • Soul batteries???

What are we expecting for the general plot?

YE OLDE Gemstore Rage?

  • Xera mask in the gem store not the raid (Not really new, this has been a persisting complaint. We can still talk about it though)

(From Shongaqu)

Hi Relics team,

This may be a good bar brawl topic...

Traherne, Scarlet, and Kormir each received character development when player characters only received plot development during those stories. I believe this is the root of why people such as myself complain about "Kormir stole my godhood". What do you think would be a good way for ANet to implement character (as opposed to plot or statistical) development for the player character? Do you feel HoT has actually begun to do that?

Some ideas

  • Bring back personality types and link them to alternate/shortcuts through missions.
  • Ferocity - bash through a locked door
  • Charm - convince a group of bandits to stop attacking kryta and join you against the mursaat
  • Dignity - Using political wiles trip up a secret white mantle minister in kryta allowing you to expose him publicly instead of having to navigate the traps in his home to find evidence.
  • or go with a more free form system like in tell-tale game eg.
  • "Logan Thackery will remember that"

Castcast -

  • New shows from us! PnP game (finally) ready
  • Some blog posts to accompany that
  • SAND’s birthday