Spirit, Greibach, and Vrabin share anecdotes of legendaries, Super Adventures and various other things since there is minimal official news in the time leading up to the patch.

  • Legendary Discussion - Nevermore and Astralaria
  • SAB - Tribulation MODE THO
  • Upcoming April Patch???


Toga Party for MS Details - April 16th @ Noon Central in Divinity's Reach

Few brief updates I didn't get to include in the show:

  • There is a (tiny) teaser trailer for the (now confirmed) April 19th patch.
  • There was a potentially big leak of WvW patch notes on the reddit. We do not condone nor share leaks, so if you wish to see those, you must find them yourself. However, Spirit thinks the fact that leaks are appearing in the face of no word on upcoming content from developers is a result of the policy itself and hence worth mentioning.
  • Work continues on the Pen and Paper game, don't worry guys! We decided to finish the first set of recordings before releasing them, we have another session coming up in the next couple weeks and it's gone very well so far!