SPOILERS BOUNCER: We talk about one specific POSSIBLY VERY SPOILERY item received at the end of HoT story without talking about the circumstances in which is acquired. There is a small warning prior to this very small section, and it's between 1:08:00 and 1:09:30.

Spirit and Greibach get their shiz together and give updates on Winterday, our raiding experiences, the fractal reward buff, and the top 10 things we want to see for Guild Wars 2 in 2016.

Intro Throwback Mashup by csquirrelrun

Music: April Fool's Death Music from ArenaNet, The Show Must Be Go by Kevin MacLeod, The Rock by Canto 6 Audio is from past shows, unused audio bumpers over the years, and from in-game NPCs.

Show Topics

  • Wintersday is here!
  • Raids Update
  • Fractals Update
  • 2016 Top 10

Outro by Spirit with help from ROboats: Drax, Konig, Triv, Star, Mystic, Riot, Shongaqu, Greibach, Alaska, and Jebbers. Music: Super Adventure Box Sunny Glade

This poem was submitted to us by Tilion from Dragon Season, but I didn't have a chance to voice it before I had to get the show out.

A Wintersday Carol

Bent behind a window

a figure in the night

lost in thoughts and paperwork

next to a candle light

The Charr despised as always

this time of the year

He spent his time with none to talk

and no one held him dear

Alone in his frustration

when suddenly appeared

The Spirit of the Winter-past

to show him what he feared

A little cub was lectured

on how he’d be of use

To manage to survive he must

There’s nothing to excuse

Those pictures faded gently

and now in front of him

the Spirit of the days ahead

to show him what he’d dream

He saw himself being covered

in piles of gems and gold

The other toys a tear shed

for he has now been sold

So, what’s in store toymaker

for this malfunctioned Charr?

Cause all I managed to foresee

is yet another scar

Don’t you leave your present

lurking in your past

The only thing that you can be

is who you ought to trust