Greibach, Spirit, and Evee welcome guest host and TWITguild leader Optimus Maleficus to talk about Fractals, Adventures, and specializations with a decent amount of off topic nonsense.


  • There are some good bits and some bad bits but mostly it's different.


  • Protips - XP boosters that buff all XP sources gained work on adventures, and adventures give first time completion bonuses as well as large daily XP bonuses for.
  • Some easy adventures: Tendril Torchers, Salvage Pit
  • Some harder ones: A Fungus Among Us, Shooting Gallery
  • Some have skills that don't work in ways you'd expect/need more explanation.

Elite Specs

  • The true weakness of Reapers
  • Daredevils are so fun tho forreal
  • We're all going to get nerfed


The Spoilers Bouncer says: This episode may contain minor spoilers related to the names of locations and events within Verdant Brink, Auric Basin, and Tangled Depths.