Greibach, Spirit, and Evee chat Druid, Scrapper, Raids, and assorted other beta weekend topics. Small discussion of guild week.

Druid and Scrapper

Guild Hall Stuff

  • These things are freaking huge.
  • I like the fact that you kind of renovate them, fix them up over time. Pretty rad.
  • You can use decorations to build your own jumping puzzles inside the guild hall.
    • If this becomes a thing there may have to be a community JP review segment on the show
      • 100% on board with this.
        • Excellent


Raids are balanced around Ascended gear.

You can’t rez players once they are downed. You cannot use rez orbs.


Pink Day in LA on Oct 17th

Our Redbubble Store is open and will be filled with a new batch of designs by next week and another by the end of the month. Mostly just simple Facefire logos, but we will be including a couple designs with a nod to the Relics of Orr community and possibly the game in general. Money goes to The AbleGamers Foundation. We don't need any money! If you'd like to support us the best way is commenting, rating, sharing, or talking with us. :)