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  • I have no complicated thoughts beside “neato”. Was too busy PAXing.
  • My head was spinning. I can barely handle regular thief gameplay!
  • It’s the thief I wanted but maybe not the one we need right now.
    • Physical skills with turnovers are really cool!
    • I see value to it in small skirmishes and open world PvE, and maybe even in raids! It depends on how much damage is relevant. The current meta (which happens to align perfectly with my favored build after the spec changes) has three required traitlines, so the damage/utility tradeoff is going to have to be strong. And I hope it is! But I worry.
    • I see benefits to taking the skills as a whole and benefits to taking them piecemeal which is EXCELLENT. That’s spot on where an elite spec should be IMHO

PAX - Party and General PAX talk

  • Good roundup of all the things that came out around PAX (link)
  • I am a bit bummed about that for purely selfish reasons. I have a friend who refuses to play GW2 (even the F2P version) because of their hatred for NCsoft. (They REALLY loved CoH)
  • “At that point, Johanson jumped in to comment on another Reddit conspiracy, confirming that ArenaNet’s does in fact have a base on the moon and that all of ArenaNet’s employees will be relocating there with him.”


  • Taugrim on F2P Community Reaction (link)
  • I have some friends completely new to MMOs coming in! They’re super adorable! I love it!
  • Slowly finding out that there are some bits they might want to tweak, or seem unfair, but not enough to disparage the P4F/F2P model they've chosen.


  • Hard to tell a lot from just the trailer, but a few standouts
  • 10-man. I think this is a good number. More than dungeons, but not TOO many.
  • Requires some degree of masteries. Interesting discussion on mastery gating vs gear gating? Thoughts? Attunements by another name, a lot of people are seeing through the “no attunements” but having this I can see where they’re making the distinction though, masteries are something you will be attaining organically as you play HoT, not something separate that you have to complete for the sole purpose of being able to enter a raid.
  • Legendary Armor? Good lord. Time to destroy my bank all over again.

Also Oct 23. So Soon.

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