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Pact Commander Masteries POI

  • Toggle on Mentoring Mode (displays chat badge and commander-like badge on the map)

  • Autoloot

  • Permanent swiftness for you and your party in cities

  • Doesn’t cost gold, doesn’t work in WvW

  • Bonus crafting experience (teased that this may be helpful in heart of thorns, having a high mastery in crafting is required for upcoming legendary precursor crafting masteries)

  • Supply Line Mastery - introduces roaming merchants which sell limited time goods for karma, will bring the return of phased out recipes, new ones, and a Melandru-backpack

  • Noblesse Oblige - 50% revive speed for a level 2, 10% revive speed for a level 80

  • PvP Leagues

  • RCGC to be announced at PAX Prime (16 days remain)

Beta elite spec discussion 2bold2beautiful

  • Tempest
  • Chronomancer
  • Dragonhunter
  • Reaper
  • Shiro Revenant


Plants vs. Zombies is RAPIDLY APPROACHING, it will be on the 22nd.


"hello relics! Greibach, Spirit, possibly Evee, and anyone else who may be on the show!

I find that I want to play devils advocate about the discussion on last weeks show about fractals, and specifically on builds and build diversity.

I want to touch on the statement that "builds are so tightly tied to the gear stat choice." this is true in a way, but also just as false.

there are currently 5 major things that are affected by the stats on armor. "direct damage", "condition damage", "Heal scaling", "overall HP", and "damage reduction through toughness"

there is some intricacy with precision because of stuff that procs on crit, but for all intents and purposes it only really affects "direct damage" same with ferocity

everyone is pretty familiar with the "berzerker meta" and what it entails, and that you do not currently need to equip defensive stats because of the power of hard mitigation that has no ties to stats (blind, reflect, weakness, protection) and that if mobs/bosses die faster than their mechanics, those mechanics can be ignored.

this is where scaling toughness and precision come into play. in general higher toughness encourages condition focused builds(more on this later).

higher precision, and even higher power and ferocity encourages something that is not tied to any stat. which is upkeep of the weakness condition, and the protection boon. weakness takes the crit chance of those affected by it to 0% and causes 50% of strikes to be "glancing blows which further reduces damage by 50% effectively negating any precision or ferocity and ~33% of the targets power stat. protection is a flat damage reduction by 33% which is like adding a whole ton of toughness.

while organized groups tend to build for 100% upkeep of weakness already, many wannabe Zerker speed runners leave weakness out of their build consideration.

OK. now for the long and the short of it. I claim that build diversity is much more than just the prefix of the armor weapons and trinkets on a character. that it is in fact partially negligible the build is the type of weapons, the chosen utilities, traits, and to a lesser extent runes and sigils. personally I run 3-4 very different builds on the same gear set. all are full damage but bring very different utility to cover gaps that may form in different PuG group I may run with, for example more weakness, or more blinds, or more CC or reflects all achieved by swapping weapon wets, traits, and utility skills

the stats from gear can change alot about a build but only "power damage" "condition damage" and "healing power" seem to be currently meaningful outside of some trolly overly tanky nomads or sentinel builds in wvw.

the only meaningful stat choice as of right now is "direct damage" gear or "condition damage" gear. because the changes to conditions so that they are effectively "working as intended" (ignoring extremes) basically every class has a condition build that keeps pace with, or far outpaces the current "zerker DPS" that everyone is so fond of. (which is why it hasn't quite caught on yet... people are clingy and resist change.)

you can quote me on this, but in a year, or 18 months time more of the game will be consistently viable on a full condition stat set than a full power stat set. this is because there is nothing in the game that "resists" conditions or reduces their effective damage, they bypass armor and toughness and boons like protection. A condition based build does nearly the same damage to a mob with 100 armor/toughness and a mob with 100,000 armor or toughness. that is all the newer husks are, they have alot more armor/toughness than other mobs so direct damage classes do about 50%-70% less damage to them while condition characters do the same they do to anything else, and the husks HP are pretty low.

it wouldn't be relics of orr without some serious tin foil hats, so: I see apothecary stats (condition main, with toughness, and healing power) being useful in a real way if what they hint about "challenging content" ever comes to pass, also rabid, carrion, and dire, as well as sinister wich will always be max possible full condition dps because it has decent power numbers as well.

keep up the good casts, and remember that the mind is like a parachute......

it only functions when open"