Link to the build:

  • Important Notes: Some slots are left open because they change frequently depending on the fight in question, it’s up to your better judgement.
    • For the weapon, he mixes and matches all the offhands with the mainhand dagger when it calls for it.
    • For the empty utility, where you can use Flesh Wurm, other than that its up to you and your best judgement what you want to put in there.
    • Zato experiments a lot with runes, I think there are several strong choices there, but the important thing is he considers minions more damage flavored support than his main source of damage.
    • There’s wiggle room for food, runes, and sigils based on what you like, but you should always have a sharpening stone and the specific dungeon potions.
    • Play smarter not harder: In stacking situations you’ll want to hang back behind your group, and once the enemy is in place, then you jump in with all your minions.
    • Protip: Keep an endless tonic on you at all times, that way, even if you’re in combat and you get into an emergency situation where you need to unsummon all minions, bam you can do it instantly.
    • There’s strong synergy with PS warriors because minions pick up the might, but I wasn’t able to find how many targets phalanx strength hits. So if it’s more than five its good but if your minions are sucking might away from players, your mileage may vary.
    • In the end it’s not going to fix any AI problems though, you’re still going to see your minions do dumb crap.