Greibach, Kate, Vrabin and Evee talk Stronghold PvP and the Revenant.

Bramble Patch:

Stronkhold: Champion’s Dusk

It’s a fusion of GvG, Fort Aspenwood, and MOBAs

Two lanes, one defense, one offence, ending at the keeps, and then a central supply point

spend supply to build NPC’s which have specific roles - door busters, other NPC killers, in order to break through two layers of defense

Heroes - 10 second channel to summon the uber NPC, there was a cannon dude that used his weapon melee and ranged that was really cool to watch

There are two barriers you have to break through to get to the lord, and the NPCs don’t respawn so big pushes towards the end are supposed to be exciting

The Keep Lord has a downed state - must be finished to end the match and can rally off players

The final number of players on each side hasn’t been decided yet, it will be between 1v1 and 10v10 and based off of feedback in the betas, but primarily tested in 5v5

Seems to open up the potential for a lot of different roles, one of the disappointments of Conquest is that since they are all cap points essentially the same roles are happening on 3 different points

There’s a really great Ready Up Episode all about it

New/Updated Boons + Conditions:

Taunt: Forces the enemy to run at you and autoattack (opposite of fear).

Slow: 50% attack speed and movement reduction. (Cripple -33%, Slow -50%, Chill -66%).

(Slow is also different from chill because chill increases cooldown time, while slow will increase cast time)

Stability: Will be changed to have stacks, each CC removes a stack

Resistance: Conditions stay on you but do not have their effect

Ready Up: Showing the Revenant


Corruption Line (Precision/Condi)

Retribution (Toughness/Healing)

Invocation (Ferocity/Profession)


Use a Tonic to Map Complete WvW: (Remember, YMMV)

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