Relics of Orr 225- Char on a Charr

March 15, 2019 Download MP3

In this episode we talk mostly about WvW and the new mount. We also briefly touch on the layoffs at ArenaNet towards the end.

Relics of Orr 222 Spirit Hat3

January 30, 2019 Download MP3

Greibach, Spirit and Shongaqu discuss the story beats of the 5th episode of Guild Wars 2's third living world season. During this episode of the podcast we also speculate on the nature of dragons and why Spirit passionately hates the number 3 above all other numbers!

Relics of Orr 221- New Year New Cats

January 16, 2019 Download MP3

Greibach, Spirit and Shongaqu discuss Wintersday, the new year, as well as elements of the new Living World Release "All or Nothing". No spoilers this episode!

Relics of Orr 219- No Expansion in Sight

September 14, 2018 Download MP3

In this episode we discuss things we missed due to real life, current events, and the upcoming Living World chapter. The only spoilers are speculation based on officially released material. Rytlock Sandwich- Trailer for new Legendary Scepter-

The Great Banning

April 26, 2018 Download MP3

ERP Tournament (Siiiiiiigh) All videos on Mighty Teapot’s Channel - one match with a 6 seconds difference SC vs US (a very close match!) Tyrian Tarot

Relics of Orr 210 - Halloween and Highlands

October 21, 2017 Download MP3

**SPOILER WARNING: **We discuss all chapters of the PoF story that take place in Highlands, if you have moved past the Highlands you will be safe to listen. April Fool's Airplane Music because Greibach left and took the cool opening with him Halloween - New Rewards & Mount Skins The Sacrifice Crystalline Memories Hallowed Ground Facing the Truth Castcast

Relics of Orr 209- Let's Talk About Story (Part 1)

October 13, 2017 Download MP3

In this episode we discuss the story that occurs on the first map off the expansion. Also Shongaqu busts out some Balthazar and Lyssa theories that make me roll my eyes. Pink Day Pink Day in LA is returning once again on October 21st at 12-6pm CST (-6 UTC). It is an online charity event hosted by Gamers Giving Back (with the help of countless volunteers) in support of cancer awareness and to rai...

Relics of Orr 207 - The Springer Spiral

September 27, 2017 Download MP3

In this episode we discuss the expansion, Path of Fire! We discuss mounts and collections the most, with some talk of the first map and random other topics. Story is not discussed at all this week so there should be no spoilers on that front.

Relics of Orr 204 - The B Team

August 10, 2017 Download MP3

Erik and Christian take over the show to talk about the latest living world release! They also discuss balance patch woes? Intro music: Summer Shade 2013 Per Kiilstofe Found on

Relics of Orr 200 - Capital D Druids

May 22, 2017 Download MP3

In our 200th episode we try to talk about the map of Draconis Mons, but predictably get sidetracked often. Also, there are spoilers immediately for the story for this LW chapter.

Relics of Orr 199 - A Lotta Rata

May 10, 2017 Download MP3


Relics of Orr 198 - Scope Creep

April 18, 2017 Download MP3

In which we talk about SAB and the past year of Legendary development while speculating on the number and cadence of future Living World releases. URL for SAB Guild Hall:

Relics of Orr 196- IT WAS ME, BARRY!

March 9, 2017 Download MP3

A BURLY SPOILER BOUNCER COMES UP TO YOU AND SAYS, "WE TALK ABOUT ALL THE STORY STUFF FROM THIS LIVING WORLD CHAPTER. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED." A lovely young woman also warns you that there were audio recording and editing issues that plagued this episode. We're sorry.

Relics of Orr 195- Kasmeer's Double Blind

February 17, 2017 Download MP3

A BURLY SPOILER BOUNCER WALKS UP AND SAYS "In this episode we talk about the story of the newest raid in detail and slip in a spoiler about the Living World Story. Beware."

Relics of Orr 194, Guild Wars Reporter 212 - The Holiday Co-Cast

December 14, 2016 Download MP3

Hosts: Greibach- Pear and/or Blackberry Cider Spirit - Lemon Lime Soda w/ Rum Celeste - grapes Allona - 2014 Pelee Island Cabernet Sauvignon (I am fancy as shit) Inventory managment in GW2 be like Topics: (LOL ORGANIZATION?) Nightmare Fractal & Challenge Mode Who the heck is the Harbinger of Woe? Season 5 PvP - New rewards (Black Llama, Glorious Heroes A...

Relics of Orr 193 - Sons of Svanir are Dumb, and We are too

November 23, 2016 Download MP3

The spoilers bouncer tells you to beware Living Story Episode 3 spoilers. If you have not finished the episode you'll want to do so first! In which everyone had a great time with the episode and still manages to find something to complain about. :C


October 17, 2016 Download MP3

The team makes their way to The Priory in order to find out how to access the dwarven vaults.

Relics Rolls Episode 2

October 17, 2016 Download MP3

After a successful mission Spirit the Relics of Orr guild master sends Evee out on a new mission to recover lost Dwarven relics.

Relics of Orr 191- Firin' Ma Laser

October 12, 2016 Download MP3

We discuss Chapter 2 of Living Story 3 (SPOILER WARNING), the new Current Events and how Greibach is out of the loop, and our joy that Legendaries are actually back!

Relics of Orr 188 - Truthfully, I am Damp and Smell Faintly of Lemons

August 26, 2016 Download MP3

In which we discuss: * Long term impact of HoT and systems introduced in HoT * Quarterly patches and Living Story Frequency/Engagement * MO's tenure as Game Director * Communication policy * Community health * Current events (in game) * How well does the game hold up/how well has it aged? * Is the game dying? (Spoilers: Not really)

Relics of Orr 187- Bloomhunger Will Smack Your Face Off

August 15, 2016 Download MP3

A RAINBOW COLORED NORN SPOILER BOUNCER STEPS UP AND INFORMS YOU THAT WE DISCUSS THE REMAINDER OF THE STORY FOR THE LATEST LIVING WORLD CHAPTER. Congrats to Guild Wars Reporter on their 200th Episode! We apologize for our lack of submitted audio, we are bad at podcasting.

Relics of Orr 185 - So Many Questions???

July 22, 2016 Download MP3

Spoilers Warning: Raid Story Wing 3 Topics: Out of the Shadows Taimi’s Journals (Go read them!) Notes from Rata Novus - One,Two, Three Taimi has a ley line map like in the HoT story, and magic is going crazy pants bonkers but there might be a discernable pattern, Plant Plant gets trampled by some awful Phlunts, Rata Sum has discovered Rata Novus WINDALL Taimi isn’t sleeping and rambles a lot, the...

Relics of Orr 184- Raid Wing 3

June 22, 2016 Download MP3

BIG SPOILER BOUNCER SAYS: In this episode we talk about the new Raid Wing. We use the bosses' names and discuss some of the fight mechanics and terrain but do not delve into the lore beyond the names. On the "Special" BLTC skins-

Relics of Orr 183 - These Aren't the Wet Bandits...

May 30, 2016 Download MP3

In which Greibach loses track of the episode number, Spirit can't articulate very well, and Vrabin gets real excited about BANDITS. BIG SPOILER BOUNCER SAYS: In this episode we draw on lore from all over the game, including Personal Story and Living Story, Dungeons, Raids 1 and 2, Guild Wars 1 pretty much all at once to discuss the bandit storyline. If you have major concerns about any of these be...

Relics of Orr 181- Weasel vs World

May 2, 2016 Download MP3

Fractal revamp, 1 week postmortem- I thought rewards were good because I got real lucky day 1. Have gotten garbage every day since =( The worst part is that on a lot of days I get the same or less gold as Swamps gave but it takes probably twice as long. Some high level fractals are just obnoxious still, doubly so with PUGs. IMO- Aetherblade can be especially bad, snowblind is still not great t...

Episode 180 - Personally, I'm a Weasel

April 21, 2016 Download MP3

Greibach and Spirit are joined by Opt to attempt to cover what turned out to be a really great patch all around. Updates to fractals, a new raid lobby and DPS testing arena, WvW changes, squad changes, LFG changes and 30 more pages of updates notes to cover. Topics (mostly) in order: Raid Lobby and DPS Testing Arena Fractals Dailies WvW Changes Instant 80 and Free Account Slot for HoT owners Bala...

Relics of Orr 179 - The Adventure Continues to Be Super

April 12, 2016 Download MP3

Spirit, Greibach, and Vrabin share anecdotes of legendaries, Super Adventures and various other things since there is minimal official news in the time leading up to the patch. Legendary Discussion - Nevermore and Astralaria SAB - Tribulation MODE THO Upcoming April Patch??? Castcast Toga Party for MS Details - April 16th @ Noon Central in Divinity's Reach Few brief updates I didn't get to inclu...

Relics of Orr 178- Giveth with One Hand and Punch in the Crotch with the Other

April 4, 2016 Download MP3

Greibach's rage is Legendary. The end. Economy Insight from Isaiah: Traitor Arcade: Spirit’s been playing Black Desert, wanted to do my standard thoughts and comparisons thread that I usually do when I’m playing another MMO. INVENTORY SPACE DEAR GOD Pop-in/DX 9 Open World v Not “End-game” Node S...

Relics of Orr 177- Choo Choo God Damnit!

March 11, 2016 Download MP3

Spoiler Bouncer Says: I actually don't think we mentioned any (story/lore) spoilers despite me giving a verbal warning. I thought we might, but I don't think we did. The AMA on Reddit Summary - Actual AMA -

Relics of Orr 176- Everything is Literally the Worst

February 23, 2016 Download MP3

Sloth - Dinosaur: GW2 goes full avatar the last airbender Rabbit-a-saur Ogdens’s Hammer Down honor him Castcast: Pictures of houses/homes built using guild hall decoration. Shongaqu wants to start a weekly ...

Relics of Orr 175- Party Time, Then Everyone Dies

February 17, 2016 Download MP3

We talk about the rest of the raid. Also we have some new intro/outro music for some reasons we'll probably cover in a week or two. Cast-cast link: Intro Music: Sparks and Outro Music: White and Blue are both from the album Objects in Space by 76, which you can find here.

Relics of Orr 171 - It's a Wintersday Miracle! (That This Episode is Here)

December 21, 2015 Download MP3

IT'S FINALLY HERE YAY SPOILERS BOUNCER: We talk about one specific POSSIBLY VERY SPOILERY item received at the end of HoT story without talking about the circumstances in which is acquired. There is a small warning prior to this very small section, and it's between 1:08:00 and 1:09:30. Spirit and Greibach get their shiz together and give updates on Winterday, our raiding experiences, the fractal r...

Relics of Orr 169 - Tri-Tyrian Tests

November 15, 2015 Download MP3

A bouncer stands at the play button for this episode. You approach him. He says: "This episode focuses heavily on the story from chapters 7-10 (Prized Possessions- Strange Observations). W****e advise against listening to this episode until you've completed them." Guild Halls Discussion: Scribing is literally stuck WvW upgrades require an item that literally doesn't drop in game any mor...

Relics of Orr 168 - Fractals and Sundry ft. Opt

November 10, 2015 Download MP3

Greibach, Spirit, and Evee welcome guest host and TWITguild leader Optimus Maleficus to talk about Fractals, Adventures, and specializations with a decent amount of off topic nonsense. Fractals There are some good bits and some bad bits but mostly it's different. Adventures Protips - XP boosters that buff all XP sources gained work on adventures, and adventures give first time completion bonuse...

Relics of Orr 167 - Car Crashes and Castles

November 1, 2015 Download MP3

Greibach, Spirit, Vrabin, and csquirrelrun chat about the Auric Basin map and it's story, touching on open world lore, guild hype, and the patch earlier this week. The Spoiler Bouncer says: This week's episode contains no story discussion, but talks in-depth about the open world story, events, and map design of Auric Basin and the details of guild claiming, so if you don't want to hear those thing...

Relics of Orr 166 - Color Blind Bouncers

October 30, 2015 Download MP3

A bouncer stands at the play button for this episode. You approach him. He says: "T****his episode contains discussion of Verdant Brink and Personal Story up to the end of Prisoners of the Dragon, the last story step in Verdant Brink. There are major story spoilers, and we advise against listening to this episode until you've completed Prisoners of the Dragon."

Relics of Orr 164 - BWE3 Weeks and Counting

October 5, 2015 Download MP3

Greibach, Spirit, and Evee chat Druid, Scrapper, Raids, and assorted other beta weekend topics. Small discussion of guild week. Druid and Scrapper Guild Hall Stuff These things are freaking huge. I like the fact that you kind of renovate them, fix them up over time. Pretty rad. MULTIGUILD CHAT11!!1! You can use decorations to build your own jumping puzzles inside the guild hall. If this becomes ...

Relics of Orr 163- Twitchcon Chaos

September 29, 2015 Download MP3

Thief song Ice bow song

Relics of Orr 162 - Scrapper Dapper Doo

September 21, 2015 Download MP3

The Scrapper is here! Wolfineer’s Analysis Castcast: Pink Day in LA is Oct 17th. RO isn’t volunteering, but we will be there. Something shiny coming soon from us. But it’s not quite ready yet.

Relics of Orr 160 - By Our Powers Combined ft. OneBigOOKIE

September 3, 2015 Download MP3

Find Allona and Celeste on their regular show at Guild Wars Reporter. Daredevil I have no complicated thoughts beside “neato”. Was too busy PAXing. My head was spinning. I can barely handle regular thief gameplay! It’s the thief I wanted but maybe not the one we need right now. Physical skills with turnovers are really cool! I see value to it in small skirmishes and open world PvE, and maybe eve...

Relics of Orr 158 - The Harold

August 13, 2015 Download MP3

Over the weekend: Pact Commander Masteries POI Toggle on Mentoring Mode (displays chat badge and commander-like badge on the map) Autoloot Permanent swiftness for you and your party in cities Doesn’t cost gold, doesn’t work in WvW Bonus crafting experience (teased that this may be helpful in heart of thorns, having a high mastery in crafting is required for upcoming legendary precursor c...

Relics of Orr 157 - 70% Hype 30% Salt

August 3, 2015 Download MP3

"No, that's not challenging group content either"

Relics of Orr 155 - Nyoooooooooom

July 19, 2015 Download MP3

Link to the build: Important Notes: Some slots are left open because they change frequently depending on the fight in question, it’s up to your better judgement. For the weapon, he mixes and matches all the offhands with the mainhand dagger when it calls for it. For the empty utility, where yo...

Relics of Orr 154 - Get off Spirit's Lawn

June 30, 2015 Download MP3

Weta bugs: Josh Foreman youtube giveaway Musician’s Guild of Tyria Booking Info (NA)

Relics of Orr 150 - Reaper Madness

May 18, 2015 Download MP3

Links: But of Corpse: GW2 Comic:

Relics of Orr 147- Part 2

April 29, 2015 Download MP3

Timestamps: Elementalist: Start Engineer: 10:40 Ranger: 16:05 Thief: 29:31 Guardian: 44:09 Wolfineer Engineer discussion: Tough Love Critic:

Relics of Orr 147- Part 1

April 27, 2015 Download MP3

We are Jon Snow (Part 1) Time stamps for profession discussion: Warrior: 35:50 Mesmer: 53:34 Necro: 1:07:52

Relics of Orr 146 - Welcome to the Jam

April 20, 2015 Download MP3

Greibach, Spirit, and Evee, bounce back from the RL kick in the pants to talk Precursor Masteries, Stronghold, and Hylek lore. You know, three things that go together.

Relics of Orr 144, Beta Babble

March 30, 2015 Download MP3

HoT Press stuff: Megathread Personal Story BogOtter’s mastery list (text form) Streaming Client - (LINK) Beta Signups are available here:

Relics of Orr 142, Spirit's Just Really Gosh Darn Excited

March 5, 2015 Download MP3

Greibach, Kate, Vrabin and Evee talk Stronghold PvP and the Revenant. Bramble Patch: Stronkhold: Champion’s Dusk It’s a fusion of GvG, Fort Aspenwood, and MOBAs Two lanes, one defense, one offence, ending at the keeps, and then a central supply point spend supply to build NPC’s which have specific roles - door busters, other NPC killers, in order to break through two layers of defense Heroes - 10 ...

Relics of Orr 141, Let's Talk Masteries

March 3, 2015 Download MP3

The Relics team talks masteries and stronghold previews. Bramble Patch: IGN Exclusive - DINOSAURS BASICALLY but also zone flyovers There are mushrooms you can interact in Maguuma Jungle that will offer you access to new areas or better vantage points New NPC races, one of them is the Itzel. Learn their language to unlock things with them such as vendors...

Relics of Orr 140, Mordremoth has Cicadas

February 4, 2015 Download MP3

Greibach, Kate, Evee, and Vrabin talk about the crazy number of articles and details pouring out of the Heart of Thorns announcement.

Relics of Orr 137, Deer Commander

January 12, 2015 Download MP3

Greibach, Kate, and Evee arise at the crack of dawn to recap Wintersday, speculate on information coming out of PAX South, and share a ton of community generated content.

Relics of Orr 133, Halloween!

November 4, 2014 Download MP3

Evee, Greibach, and Kate talk the new Halloween reward systems, updates on the raids CDI, ascended gear, and Echoes of the Past speculation.

Relics of Orr 129, PAXcast

September 16, 2014 Download MP3

Greibach, Kate, Vrabin, and Evee talk more feature pack news, and all the news that is news about news that isn’t really news from PAX, but was fun anyway.

Relics of Orr 127, The Rata Sum Riot

August 25, 2014 Download MP3

Greibach, Spirit, and Vrabin follow up on commander tag chaos, new WvW tournament rules, and the community SAB outcry.

Relics of Orr 126, Punt that Phlunt

August 22, 2014 Download MP3

Greibach, Spirit, Evee, and Malchior talk about Dragon’s Reach Part 2, commander tag chaos, and Gamescom news.

Relics of Orr Episode 125, Seeds of Time

August 22, 2014 Download MP3

This week Greibach, Evee, and Spirit are joined by Vrabin for the first time to discuss the Dragon’s Reach Part I, buying smartly in the gemstore, and fan videos.

Relics of Orr Episode 120, When Spirit Met Evee

July 18, 2014 Download MP3

This week Greibach takes the helm with Evee and Kate to talk ArenaNet’s balance philosophy, how to protect your account, and tips and tricks to save you a hassle in GW2.

Episode 116: Wherein We Had Balls of Steel

May 18, 2014 Download MP3

Coehl and Greibach welcome Duke Witherheart to the show for discussion about potatoes, the “Did You Know” series on the subreddit, and much speculation about account security.

Interview with Chris Whiteside, ArenaNet Studio Design Director

May 16, 2014 Download MP3

Just after the early-access launch of Guild Wars 2 in China, the Relics staff was fortunate enough to sit down with Chris Whiteside to talk about what got him into game design, Living World Season 1 and 2 and the Collaborative Development Initiative.

Relics of Orr Episode 41, Omspillbared

May 25, 2011 Download MP3

I am joined by Tigerfeet with Secret Agent Cat and Tasha with Split Infinity Radio to discuss the engineer profession, underwater weapons, and details from the Gamereactor interviews.

Relics of Orr Episode 40, Vehicular Earslaughter

May 9, 2011 Download MP3

I am joined by Christian the Mashup Man today to discuss the Krait, some Tap Repeatedly interviews, interspersed world news, less Rift, and major changes coming to the Relics of Orr podcast (pay attention!)

Relics of Orr Episode 37, Relics Crew Spirits Spam

April 12, 2011 Download MP3

We are joined by Csquirrelrun the mashup man, Tasha, and Tigerfeet with Secret Agent Cat to discuss the Skritt, Spirits (the tasty kind), Rift, and ultimatums to game developers.

Relics of Orr Episode 36, The Hylek Maneuver

April 3, 2011 Download MP3

We are joined by Chaz with his totally awesome blog and Csquirrelrun the mashup man to discuss the Commando, the Hylek, more politics than is necessary, and popsicles.

Relics of Orr Episode 35, Rockstar Riders

March 20, 2011 Download MP3

We are joined by Tigerfeet with Secret Agent Cat and Chaz with his totally awesome blog to discuss artwork, hero worship, public grouping issues, upcoming skill updates and help ourselves to a good deal of pick and mix while we’re at it.

Relics of Orr Episode 33, Thieves of Thieves and Embargo Hitch

March 6, 2011 Download MP3

We are joined by Tasha with Split Infinity Radio and Christian (csquirrelrun) the mashup man to discuss early disclosures of NDAs, gamer journalism, martial arts, the Guild Wars 2 thief, the new Embark Beach patch, and all the GDC goodness from last week.

Relics of Orr Episode 32, John Stumme and Embark Beach

March 3, 2011 Download MP3

Last year, John Stumme of the ArenaNet Live Team spoke to us about many things, including the possibility of 7 heroes joining your party. Today he joins us again and talks about titles, presearing, Embark Beach, mercenary heroes and more.

Relics of Orr Episode 31, Hamstorm’s Jim and Guru’s Kvinna

February 27, 2011 Download MP3

We are joined by Tasha with Split Infinity Radio, Kvinna with Guild Wars Guru and Guild Wars 2 Guru, and Jim with the extremely professional Hamstorm Nation. We talk Norn, “Dwarves”, insane Colorado wind, Rift.. all sorts of crap just go listen.

Relics of Orr Episode 30, The Impervious Nervous Dervish

February 20, 2011 Download MP3

We are joined by Tigerfeet with Secret Agent Cat, Chaz with his totally awesome blog, and Csquirrelrun the mashup man. We give many props to the Guild Wars Awesome development team today, with the release of the dervish update. We discuss the pros and cons of it, Heath Ledger’s joker, some Guild Wars 2 stuff I guess, and accounting.

Relics of Orr Episode 29, Habitat for Humanity & Guild Wars 2 Beta

February 13, 2011 Download MP3

We are joined by Tigerfeet with Secret Agent Cat, Inde with GuildFans, and Csquirrelrun the mashup man to discuss the human race in Guild Wars 2, the Guild Wars 2 closed beta, the dervish update preview, and the state of armor and objectification of men and women in the upcoming game. Don’t get too worried though, we’re Relics of Orr, not a cable news network. It shan’t be gettin’ too hairy.

Relics of Orr Episode 27, Il Guardiano

January 30, 2011 Download MP3

We are joined by Tasha with Split Infinity Radio and Chaz to discuss the slew of information and hype that has come up recently regarding the fifth profession reveal for Guild Wars 2 by ArenaNet.

Relics of Orr Episode 25, Allegiance of the Kodan

January 15, 2011 Download MP3

We are joined by Tasha with Split Infinity Radio, Chaz, Kattar with Guild Fans, and Tiger with the Secret Agent Cat blog to discuss the Kodan, SSD, a decade with ArenaNet, and people that like to laugh.

Relics of Orr Episode 23, The Marathon for Incontinence

December 16, 2010 Download MP3

I’m joined by Tasha with Split Infinity Radio and Tigerfeet with Secret Agent Cat to make an episode. By brute force. And we spoke of nothing GW related. At least we meant to do it that way, this time. Windows 7 did not play friendly with Tigerfeet’s mic, but Csquirrel came through for us and adjusted the call in a fashion that had to have been extremely tedious. Big thanks to him.

Relics of Orr Episode 20, The Paldervic Needs Privacy

November 7, 2010 Download MP3

Tiger with the Secret Agent Cat blog and Chaz join me in yapping it up about the slowdown of the news monster, why that might be the case, and what we’d like to see in the privacy settings of Guild Wars 2.

Relics of Orr Episode 19, Halloween, Chicasitas, and Heroes

October 30, 2010 Download MP3

Tasha with Split Infinity Radio hosts this one and Tiger with the Secret Agent Cat blog and Chaz pretends he’s Eeyore to discuss the Halloween events and costumes. I was there but anything but helpful.

Relics of Orr Episode 17, Mighty Guru Consultants

October 9, 2010 Download MP3

We are joined by Tasha with Split Infinity Radio and JR and Kattar with Guild Wars 2 Guru, admins of said venerable website. Today we talk about the Hall of Monuments and their integration with Guild Wars 2, and we speculate so much crap, I’m really not sure if Marty McFly was with us by the time it was over.

Relics of Orr Episode 15, Your Face is Wrong

September 22, 2010 Download MP3

Tasha with Split Infinity Radio, Smiffy with the Faceroll Show and I discuss Guild Wars 2 from the perspective of a non GW dedicated community mindset.. again, and we go apeshat on community feedback.

Relics of Orr Episode 14, A Fortnight With Smiffy

September 14, 2010 Download MP3

Tigerfeet with the Secret Agent Cat blog, Chaz, Smiffy with the Faceroll Show and I discuss Guild Wars 2 from the perspective of a non GW dedicated community mindset.

Relics of Orr Episode 13, Lunch Bags Were Crystal

September 6, 2010 Download MP3

Tigerfeet, Tasha from Split Infinity Radio, Chas(alternate spelling: Chaz) and I discuss the energy system, elite skills and their balance, attributes, and lunch bags. You’ll see.

Relics of Orr Episode 9, GW2 There’s An App For That

August 10, 2010 Download MP3

John Vinson, Tigerfeet, Tasha from Split Infinity Radio and I talk more about personality, read a few speculative emails and commentate, and then completely give up on professionalism in general.

Relics of Orr Episode 8, Zombie Togo Dings 80

August 2, 2010 Download MP3

Chas, Tigerfeet, Tasha from Split Infinity Radio and I talk about the definition of “pants”, indecent paragons, high school wrestling, and just about anything else that would highlight our inability to stay on target, said target being Guild Wars Classic and Guild Wars 2 information and speculation.

Relics of Orr Episode 7, Autonomy Bots Roll Out!

July 26, 2010 Download MP3

Chas, Tigerfeet, John from the Guild Wars 2 Forum website, and I accidentally an ulnar nerve, is this bad? We target pronunciation of some ArenaNet common names, bust some Blizzard chops, and guide you on how not to conduct an interview with Joey “Joe Hostile” Knight.

Relics of Orr Episode 5, MMO’s Can’t Taunt the New Boss

July 12, 2010 Download MP3

Some new faces are here today to talk about the overhaul to the entire “role” system of Guild Wars 2 in response to Jon Peters’ recent article explaining what’s going to happen in regard to control, support, and damage.

Relics of Orr Episode 3, Auspiciously Asuran Assuring of the Asuras

June 28, 2010 Download MP3

Trevor couldn’t join us today, but no worries, we were joined by Astara’s excellently British husband, Kal Agrim. We accidentally did more profession speculation, as one should expect of any healthy Guild Wars fan site, and we discuss the missed potential of Vekk’s voice actor Maurice LaMarche in GW:EN. Hopefully, we’ve put Felicia Day (happy birthday by the way) to better use as her female Asura ...

Relics of Orr Episode 2, The Sacrificial Danika

June 21, 2010 Download MP3

We give Danika ZuHeltzer what for, all for the purpose of our sophomoric episode. Wait, did I mean to say it that way? Also, we say the word “segway” a whole whole lot. It’s because we’re pro.

Relics of Orr Episode 1, The Triangle Profession

June 14, 2010 Download MP3

The “Relics of Orr” podcast kicks off with myself (Ryan Singleton), Lady Sinaea, and Trevor Covington. We review a lot of the tantalizing information ArenaNet has been letting loose upon us over the past few weeks. Whether you’ve already heard all about it or have no idea what’s up, have a listen. We’re very studied on the matter. Well, ostensibly. Okay, those two are. I just said a lot of stuff a...