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The Condi Mesmer - Part 3


Part 3 - Condi Chaos Alright, so here we go. Hopefully you’ve made it through Part 1 and Part 2 of this blog series and are eagerly awaiting the conclusion where we put everything together in what I think is a viable condition damage mesmer build in current high-end PvE. Without further ado, let’s begin. Builds As I concluded at the end of the... Read more

The Condi Mesmer - Part Two


PART TWO - Specialisations Following on from my post earlier, this blog will go through each of the Mesmer's specialisations, and look at the obvious condition damage traits. I'll try to point out what build type (shatter/phantasm) and what weapon combination the traits suit best, and then in Part Three I'm planning to put everything together in a... Read more

The Condi Mesmer - Part One


Part One: Beginnings The January 26th patch triggered a bunch of theorycrafting all across the Guild Wars 2 community, and one trend of note was increased discussion about condition damage Mesmer builds. Two small buffs to traits, and a change to the scepter auto-attack chain gave many people reason to reconsider the Mesmer’s potential to fill a pure condition damage DPS role in... Read more

Why the Mordrem Invasion is a Good Thing (even when its bad)


This weekend marks the release of a new sort of event for guild wars 2. While there have been weekend events and some holidays in the past none of them have been accompanied with so little fanfare. The Mordrem invasion exists to be little more than a distraction from the day to day of GW2. The event has seen its share of problems and quite a few people have directed a fair amount of... Read more

Plants vs. Zombies


Have you ever felt the urge to unleash an undead horde on your enemies alongside dozens of your fellow players? If so, excellent. You're just the person we're looking for. On August 22nd, at 4:00PM Pacific, we’re looking to cram as many MM necros and zombie-lookin’ characters as we can find into a Silverwastes map in the spirit of sheer ridiculousness and fun. This handy... Read more

Raiding and Building Guild Halls


During an episode of Relics of Orr a year or two ago, I said that MMOs should be about creating virtual worlds and letting you settle them. At the time I espoused scepticism that anything like my dream for guild halls could ever come true. Well I'm happy to see I was wrong! Colin Johanson gave a short presentation at E3 letting us know that there will be not one, but two... Read more

Armchair Developer: Leaving Hearts Behind In HoT


Armchair Developer is a segment where we brainstorm changes to the game we would like to see and flesh out how they would work, given infinite resources to develop them. They're half OP-ED, half wishful thinking. We encourage discussion based on the ideas we put forth here, but please take them with a grain of salt. ~Sincerely, The Management Leaving Renown Hearts Behind in... Read more

The Podcast on iTunes


As of this post, our podcast is available on iTunes again! However: Your feed will not update automatically. You will have to resubscribe from our iTunes store page, which is here. Once this is done they will update as normal. This wasn't our ideal solution to getting back on iTunes, but it was the best, most feasible option. We apologize for the inconvenience. As with the... Read more

Condition Damage Uncapped?

Matthew Bickley

The good thing about expansions is that it allows developers to think outside the box. When a game is launched into the wild they no longer have the freedom to manipulate the systems to their hearts content and must instead abide, to a certain degree, by the rules that have been established. When a new expansion is being planned, however, the sky is the limit and the old... Read more

...Aaaaaand We're Back!


Welcome to the new Relics of Orr website! We've had a tumultuous few weeks, but we've got our feet back under us and we're ready to roll again. There are several new podcast episodes available now - one on Masteries (recorded 2/08), and one on the Revenant and Stronghold (recorded 2/23). Please bear in mind that some of the information may now be outdated, so take... Read more